Civil Rights in Wyoming and Eastern Idaho

As a general matter, the quality of lawyers in Wyoming and Eastern Idaho is very high. The judiciary listens carefully to attorneys’ arguments and considers the facts fairly. The courts are not so overburdened that they cannot handle new legal claims and unusual causes of action. However, there are few attorneys in the area that devote much of their time to civil rights cases. Some attorneys here have done big cases, but few routinely handle civil rights cases.

This firm’s goal is to change that.

My dream is to have a robust civil rights practice, where this firm and its attorneys have a depth of experience and knowledge equal to that of any legal aid organization or litigation boutique. You have to start somewhere. I’m planting a flag and saying that we’re starting this here and now in Jackson, Wyoming.

I’m interested in cases where the government discriminates against members of a protected class, or wrongfully denies a person their benefits. If you believe the federal government, a state agency, county or city has acted unlawfully against you, let’s talk. I may not know the answer right away, but I’ll find it out and see the case through.

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