Charged with a crime?

A Criminal Charge Threatens Your Freedom, Reputation and Finances

Hire an experienced criminal defense attorney

For most of us, being charged with a crime is something we never expected. The shock of a criminal charge gives way to the anxiety of court hearings and legal consequences. The possibilities of jail and punishment, probation and fines cause additional stress.

Even a relatively minor misdemeanor like marijuana possession carries stiff maximum penalties in Wyoming. Serious felonies, such as theft, aggravated assault, burglary or drug crimes receive law enforcement and the court’s full attention.

 My role

First, I make sure that the prosecutor and law enforcement can prove every accusation beyond a reasonable doubt. There is no reason anyone should ever plead guilty to a crime that the government can’t prove.

Second, if there is a good chance the government can prove its allegations, my job is to get you the best result possible. This can include negotiating a plea to a lesser offense, agreeing to a treatment class for a drug or alcohol related crime, and showing the judge all the mitigating circumstances.

Trial Experience

Everyone knows that most airline pilots flying for U.S. airlines are ex-military. Everyone also knows why: only the ex-military pilots have enough flight time to qualify for the job. The pilots worked hard for their country and in return were given unparalleled training and opportunity to fly.

My experience as a prosecutor was a little bit like that. As a former prosecutor, I’ve logged more court time and jury trial hours than most attorneys have in their career. I’ve tried to a jury attempted murder, aggravated assault, felony stalking, felony attempt to elude (police car chase), drug offenses, DUI crimes, traffic crimes, theft and more. I’ve worked on white collar fraud and human trafficking investigations, as well as homicides, vehicular assault, gang, and kidnapping cases.

In Wyoming and Idaho, I am prepared to represent people accused of:

  • Drug offenses: marijuana possession, possession of a controlled substance, grow operations, distribution, etc.
  • White collar crime: embezzlement, fraud and obtaining property under false pretenses, etc.
  • Public nuisance crimes: drunk and disorderly, public intoxication
  • Juvenile crime: minor in possession, minor under the influence
  • Violent crime: aggravated assault, simple battery, domestic violence, etc.
  • Traffic crime: DUI, reckless driving, careless operations of a motor vehicle, etc.
  • Hunting violations: unlawful taking of game, license violations, etc.

I also help people expunge their record and restore their gun rights.

I became a criminal defense attorney because I want to help normal people, who are trying to do the best they can, the same as everyone else. Situations happen. My job is to give you a second (and sometimes a third or fourth) chance.


I hired Alex a little over a month ago (Feb 2014) to represent me in a county that was literally in the middle of nowhere. I was cited for a traffic violation and the punishment was grossly out of proportion to the nature of the infraction. Most attorneys wouldn’t travel (or their costs were astronomical) but Alex agreed to and his services came at a fair and reasonable price. Alex was able to change the misdemeanor to just a small traffic violation (instead of reckless driving) and saved me countless dollars and hassle in the long run. If I ever need any help in Idaho or Montana, I’ll be giving Alex a call first. Very easy to work with and kept me informed the whole way through. Very nice guy and extremely knowledgable. Hopefully I never need his services again, but if I do, I know I’ll be getting great legal counsel. Thanks again Alex!

Ryan on Avvo


I charge a fair price based on the value I deliver. I am not the cheapest defense attorney you can hire. But that also means that I have more time to devote to each case. I quote a flat fee and require a retainer in advance. I accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

A note about law enforcement in the Greater Yellowstone

While Jackson Hole markets itself as a wild west tourist town, the reality is that there is a large law enforcement contingent policing everything from hunting violations to DUI to serious felony crimes. In Grand Teton or Yellowstone National Park, you find rangers and federal law enforcement agents. In Teton County, Wyoming there are Jackson city police, county deputies working in Teton Village or Wilson. On the highways south of town (and running through town), the Wyoming Highway Patrol is active. Over the pass in Idaho, there are also local police, county deputies and Idaho state police. In a town of 10,000, it’s possible to be tried in city, county and federal courts.

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