In an instant, someone can take your health and destroy your ability to work. An injury can affect your dignity and cause stress to your family. Whatever plans you had are gone due to another person’s negligence.

The way the legal system makes you whole is with money. The system can’t change what’s happened or even compel a genuine apology from the wrongdoer. What the system can do is make sure that the other person (typically their insurance company) compensates you fairly for your loss. This compensation is for the loss of any body function, impairment to your ability to work, the hours you lost at work and your pain and suffering. In certain cases, you can be compensated as a way to punish the person who wronged you and deter other people from engaging in the same wrongful conduct.

A personal injury case is an enormous responsibility. It’s my job to make sure you receive everything you deserve. These cases are frequently complex and take time to resolve. It’s not uncommon for a serious injury to be resolved after years of litigation. One reason is that insurance companies exist to make money and the longer they don’t pay and the less they pay, the more money they make. Another reason is that scheduling these cases is complex, and many attorneys accept too many cases to schedule efficiently. Time is wasted as attorneys engage and disengage with your case according to their calendar.

 My approach

I typically take personal injury cases in association with another attorney. The benefit to you is that there are two eyes on every legal issue, and that two attorneys have more resources to fight the case to the finish line. You might think this would cost more to you. It doesn’t. Typically, I work on a contingent fee basis, where I am not paid unless there is a recovery. When I work with another attorney, we split that fee and the total cost to you is the same.

I will accept only a limited number of personal injury cases. My goal is to give each case my full attention and energy. Because I only take a few of these cases, I am better able to push the case along and make sure it gets resolved quickly. Your case is my top priority throughout the duration of the case.

My approach works best for clients that value teamwork and believe in the power of small groups of individuals to accomplish great things. I pride myself on communication and schedule regular updates so that you know what is going on with your case.

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