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Meet the Team

Alex Freeburg

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Alex Freeburg

My clients are good people. Whether they have been injured, or accused of a crime, I like who I represent. I am proud of what I am able to do for them. And I am proud of the results my team delivers. So for me, I like my work.

I’ve always had a strong sense of fairness. When I was a kid, I liked to argue. I read books like it was my job. I’m stubborn. Naturally, I became a lawyer.

When I graduated from the University of Washington law school, I wanted to try cases more than I wanted to make money. I became a prosecutor for a county in rural Washington. In 2 years, I tried 25 cases to a jury. While I loved the work I was doing on behalf of victims, I also realized that cops weren’t always right, that laws were not always fair, and that there was more to the law (and life) than prosecution. I moved to Wyoming and soon opened my practice.

What else? I’m 38 years old, married, and have two children at home. The best cases are interesting. Give me a case that takes a little bit of creativity and hard work. Something with a righteous angle. If you have something that fits the bill, please get in touch.

Here are some of the ways, I’ve made a difference for my clients.

Personal Injury/Civil Litigation

  • Civil trial verdict of $230,00 for woman injured in a slip and fall. (February 2021).
  • A woman sexually assaulted by her property manager receives a life-changing confidential settlement.
  • A bicyclist struck by a negligent driver obtains a six figure policy limits settlement.
    • Victims of motor vehicle accidents receive significant settlements.
    • A disabled, low-income tenant in subsidized housing fights a discriminatory eviction and wins at trial.
    • A man sued for $470,000 takes the case to trial, where he wins completely (occasionally, I do defense work).
    • A grandmother who was attacked by a dog and suffered a broken pelvis gets fair compensation.
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Criminal Defense

  • Not guilty jury trial verdict in a Federal kidnapping case. (May 2021).
  • Not guilty jury trial verdict for a person charged with battery,
    assault, and property destruction. (Feb. 2020).
  • A person charged with resisting arrest wins at jury trial because the jury finds the police illegally tased him.
    • A person charged with DUI wins at jury trial because the alcohol test wasn’t credible (BAC allegedly .14)
    • A man accused of a misdemeanor wins at jury trial (second jury trial win for client in 2017)
    • A person charged with DUI gets the charges dropped because of police misconduct.
    • A person charged with DUI gets the case dismissed because of a flaw in the blood test.
    • A man accused of felony battery fights the charge and gets it dropped.
    • A woman accused of felony assault establishes self-defense and get the charge dropped.
    • A woman accused of felony intent to deliver drugs gets the charges reduced and deferred-she gets a second chance.
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Qualifications and Credentials


  • University of Washington School of Law, J.D., Order of the Barristers, 2010
  • Macalester College, B.A. Economics, Honors, 2005


  • Secretary/Treasurer – Teton County Bar Association, 2015
  • Vice President – Teton County Bar Association, 2016
  • President – Teton County Bar Association, 2017
  • Board member, Secretary – Teton Youth and Family Services, 2015-present
  • Member, Wyoming Trial Lawyers Association, 2017-present
  • Board member, Wyoming Trial Lawyers Association, 2021-
  • Member, Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce, Graduate, Central Wyoming College Start-Up Institute, 2014


  • Award for service to victims of crime, Grant County Victim Services, 2012

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