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You need an ego, a moral compass, and a strong sense of self to make it as a trial lawyer.

We believe it’s a privilege to fight for our clients in the courtroom. Whether we’re making sure that law enforcement plays by the rules, or holding an insurance company accountable, we’re proud of the work we do. And so we want you to be proud to join our team.

That means we need to provide you opportunities to do excellent legal work. We need to treat you well. You’re a professional and should be compensated accordingly. You should have the resources you need to do your job well. You should do your job damn well. You should feel responsible for your clients. Most of the time you should like your clients. You should work hard and smart. If you have a trial on Monday, then you’ll be here on Saturday (so will Alex).You need to be assertive, but you don’t need to be a jerk. It’s a balance and we’ll give you some time to figure it out. We will assume good intentions.

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JHMR ski pass, top lift-served skiing in N. America

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Current Openings


We are seeking an experienced associate attorney for a partner track position. Cases include criminal defense and personal injury. You will work with Alex Freeburg on complex matters. For simple matters, you will have more autonomy. We are a relatively small firm. The nature of PI work causes revenues to fluctuate. To some extent, that affects how you’re compensated. Compensation includes a base salary and a commission. Trial work. At our firm, you will spend time in Court. You are expected to develop a reputation for professionalism and excellence with our local judges. Technological competence. We use technology well. You are expected to learn software and systems so that we may collaborate effectively on behalf of our clients.


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