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Do You Need a Car Accident Attorney in Jackson?

One frequent question asked by members of the public is “Do I need a car accident attorney?” This question has only one answer: a resounding “Yes!”

The fact is that accident victims who are unrepresented by legal counsel will quickly find out that insurance adjusters are not eager to fully compensate them for their injuries. Even worse, some adjusters use deceptive or unfair tactics which ultimately undermine a victim’s right to compensation.

Below, our Wyoming car accident lawyer lays out all the reasons you should reach out to our firm today to schedule a consultation.

An Attorney Can Help Establish Liability

Liability is the basis for any car accident claim. Unless you can show that the defendant contributed to your wreck, you won’t be able to secure compensation. The fact that two vehicles collided doesn’t automatically mean one is at fault. After all, snow or ice on the ground could have caused a car to spin out of control even though the driver was reasonably careful.

Many people are shocked when the other driver doesn’t readily admit responsibility for the accident. In their mind, what happened was very clear. Instead, the defendant (or their insurer) immediately turns around and points the finger at the victim!

Our firm can help establish liability by taking the following steps:

  • Visiting the scene of the accident and looking for physical evidence
  • Interviewing witnesses who observed the crash to find out their perspective
  • Requesting information from the other driver
  • Poking holes in the defense’s theory of the case

Let us listen to your story and determine what evidence would be helpful to establish liability, then hire us so we can get started.

Our Lawyer Will Prevent You from Making Mistakes

Few lay people fully understand the law surrounding car accidents. Consequently, they make some error which immediately reduces the monetary value of their claim or prohibits them from bringing a claim altogether. Let’s look at two examples.

First, Wyoming recognizes comparative fault. This essentially means both parties in a car wreck could have been negligent. But the state only allows someone to sue if their negligence is less than 50% compared to all defendants. Insurance companies are well aware of this law. Sometimes, an agent will dig for information when taking a recorded statement. It’s best to have a lawyer on your team so you don’t say anything which could cause you to lose your right to sue.

Even where your fault is less than 50%, you might still lose out on compensation. Under Wyoming’s law, comparative negligence reduces a plaintiff’s damages proportionally by their percentage of fault. So if you were 33% to blame, you can still sue. But you will take home a third less than you were entitled to had you been blameless.

As you can see, comparative fault is incredibly important. And victims lacking legal representation sometimes hand over information unwittingly which undermines their claims.

Second, Wyoming has a statute of limitations which requires victims to file a lawsuit within four years of their injury—or be totally prohibited. Although four years is a significant amount of time, it is always best to have a lawyer who can keep track of deadlines.

Our Jackson Car Accident Lawyer Can Negotiate a Fair Settlement

Most car accident cases can settle—which often works to a victim’s benefit. If you can settle without going to trial, you can receive compensation much faster and avoid the stress of testifying in open court.

Unfortunately, few lay people properly value their injuries. If you broke your leg and suffered a concussion, your medical bills might total $10,000. Throw in a few months of missed work and damage to your car, and you might think your claim is worth $20,000-25,000 at most. However, you also are entitled to compensation for pain and suffering.

For many of our clients, pain and suffering damages make up the majority of their settlement.  If you don’t hold out for a fair amount, you are leaving money on the table.

Settlements come with a big catch—by agreeing to accept the settlement, you also agree not to sue the defendant for more money in the future. This is all you will ever get from this defendant who hit you and caused your injuries. Consequently, it is critical to meet with an attorney who can properly evaluate your claim so your settlement is fair.

Our Lawyers Allow You to Focus on Getting Well

Accident victims do themselves no favors by trying to negotiate a settlement alone. In addition to failing to get the most money possible, they often delay their recovery. It is very difficult to fully heal when you are running around looking for evidence or staring at a computer as you draft a demand letter to an insurer.

Let us help. At Freeburg Law, we will handle all communications and paperwork for you. We will do all negotiating with insurance adjusters, freeing you to focus on rehabilitation and rest. The right attorney provides immediate peace of mind, allowing you and your family to overcome the devastating injuries caused by a wreck.

Hire an Attorney to Litigate a Claim

Sadly, not every car accident case will settle. Sometimes, each side remains too far apart to ever reach an agreement on liability and/or compensation. When this happens—and it does happen—the only choice is to go into court and file a lawsuit against the defendant.

Litigation is confusing, complicated, and lengthy. A lawyer has spent years in school and passed the bar exam so that he can provide top-flight representation to victims. Without a lawyer, you could file in the wrong court, file too late, fail to serve documents in a proper manner, or make some other mistake which costs you money.

Call Freeburg Law Today

There is no reason to go at it alone following a car accident. An experienced Jackson car accident lawyer is only a phone call away. Contact us today to schedule a confidential, completely free case evaluation with a member of our legal team.

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