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Josephine Carlson

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Josephine Carlson

When you grow up in the windiest state in America, you learn to stand your ground and brace yourself for whatever blows your direction.
Josephine Carlson

Born and raised in windy Wyoming, Josephine is ready for difficult cases and uncharted territory.

Josephine came to Freeburg Law with a diverse professional background.
Her experience in the medical field helps her investigate the details of your personal injury case. She also has handled crisis intervention calls for community mental health and substance abuse treatment providers so she understands the delicate perspective of our clients and the toll surviving your experience has taken.

It wasn’t until Josephine worked as a Victim & Witness Coordinator with the largest judicial district in the state of Wyoming, that her interpersonal skills as a trauma-informed fellow-survivor launched her into a career path she has no intention of leaving. The feeling of being at home in the legal realm of courts, clients and complex cases, led her to pursue her master’s degree in forensic psychology.

Josephine has stood beside victims, their families and survivors while walking them through the often impersonal and unyielding legal system. She has stood in court on their behalf to share their stories when it was too much or too dangerous for them to be present. These brushes with the most vulnerable chapters of people’s lives spill into everything she does at Freeburg Law—whether that is paperwork or people-work.

While wearing the other hats of mom, wife, and freelance photographer, Josephine also volunteers her work and time on behalf of victims of crimes, people struggling with mental health issues, and those seeking recovery from addiction. When the storm clouds roll in, she is the anchor you didn’t know you needed.

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