Your legal guide to Wyoming Car Accidents – Do You Need an Attorney?

Your legal guide to Wyoming Car Accidents


The short answer is “it depends.” Your case is unique to you and an attorney can help show that to an insurance company, judge, or jury. From my own experience, I know that “it depends” is not a satisfying answer.


The longer answer is that the insurance companies’ own studies show that you are likely to get more money with an attorney, even after you pay your attorney’s fee. (See more on this below in “Attorney Compensation.”) Even after paying the attorney’s fees and reimbursing expenses, having an attorney on your side usually puts substantially more money in your pocket. This is an extreme example, but I once had a client who was offered $400 from an at-fault driver’s insurance. After I got involved and we figured out the client’s own underinsured policy coverage, we ultimately recovered $100,000 for the client.


That may not be a satisfying answer either. It is a bit self-serving for a lawyer to tell you that he will get you more money, even if it is true, so here are my rules of thumb for figuring out if you need an attorney. I am not promising that they are always applicable or that they are the right rules for your situation. Please do not rely on these to make a decision and then blame me if it does not work out. However, they may be helpful as you decide whether or not it makes sense for you to hire a lawyer.