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Meet the Team

Alex Freeburg

My clients are good people. Whether they have been injured, or accused of a crime, I like who I represent. I am proud of what I am able to do for them. And I am proud of the results my team delivers. So for me, I like my work.

I’ve always had a strong sense of fairness. When I was a kid, I liked to argue. I read books like it was my job. I’m stubborn. Naturally, I became a lawyer.

When I graduated from the University of Washington law school, I wanted to try cases more than I wanted to make money. I became a prosecutor for a county in rural Washington. In 2 years, I tried 25 cases to a jury.  

While I loved the work I was doing on behalf of victims, I also realized that cops weren’t always right, that laws were not always fair, and that there was more to the law (and life) than prosecution. I moved to Wyoming and soon opened my practice.

Here are some of the ways, I’ve made a difference for my clients.

Personal injury/Civil Litigation

  • A woman sexually assaulted by her property manager receives a life-changing confidential settlement
  • A bicyclist struck by a negligent driver obtains a six figure policy limits settlement
  • Victims of motor vehicle accidents receive significant settlements
  • A disabled, low-income tenant in subsidized housing fights a discriminatory eviction and wins at trial
  • A man sued for $470,000 takes the case to trial, where he wins completely (occasionally, I do defense work)
  • A woman whose general contractor negligently built her roof gets fair compensation
  • A grandmother who was attacked by a dog and suffered a broken pelvis gets fair compensation

Criminal defense

  • A person charged with resisting arrest wins at jury trial because the jury finds the police illegally tased him
  • A person charged with DUI wins at jury trial because the alcohol test wasn’t credible (BAC allegedly .14)
  • A man accused of a misdemeanor wins at jury trial (second jury trial win for client in 2017)
  • A person charged with DUI gets the charges dropped because of police misconduct
  • A person charged with DUI gets the case dismissed because of a flaw in the blood test
  • A man accused of felony battery fights the charge and gets it dropped
  • A woman accused of felony assault establishes self-defense and get the charge dropped
  • A woman accused of felony intent to deliver drugs gets the charges reduced and deferred-she gets a second chance

What else? I’m 36 years old, married, and have a child at home.

The best cases are interesting. Give me a case that takes a little bit of creativity and hard work. Something with a righteous angle. If you have something that fits the bill, please get in touch.


Our Location

Located in Jackson, Wyoming, we represent clients throughout Wyoming and Eastern Idaho.

Our office is at 235 East Broadway, Suite 103, Jackson, Wyoming 83001.

Use the parking lot and park behind the building. The entrance is on the ground floor. We are the first door you see. If the receptionist is away from the desk, ring the bell or walk down the hallway.

No unscheduled visits.

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