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Teton County Arrest Photos

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If you’ve been arrested in Teton County, Wyoming, there is a good chance your mugshot is online. When you’re booked into jail, the detention officers take a booking photo of you. In Teton County, the local officials made the choice to put that arrest photo online. The process is so efficient, that if you’re booked … Read more

Where can you get DUI Evaluation in Wyoming?

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If you’re arrested for DUI in Wyoming, the Court will likely require you to get a substance abuse evaluation and follow any recommended treatment plan. The Court can require the evaluation either as a condition of release, or as part of your judgment and sentence. If evaluation and treatment is a condition of your release, it … Read more

What should you say to the police?

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Now that I’m a defense attorney, I get to tell people what I thought all along when I was a prosecutor: don’t talk to the police. Just. Don’t. Talk.

If you’re pulled over, minimize the interaction. Ask if you’re free to leave. If you are free to go, then leave.

Well, it turns out that cops give that exact same advice.

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What are the consequences for a DUI in a National Park?

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Background – Law enforcement in Yellowstone and Grand Teton

Wyoming is blessed with two great national parks: Yellowstone and Grand Teton. Yellowstone claims over 3 million visits a year, while Grand Teton records more than 2.5 million visits. Many visitors camp at one of the park campgrounds or stay at a lodge. It is inevitable that visitors will celebrate, DUIs will occur, and that law enforcement will be there.

Because both parks are federal land, they are patrolled by federal law enforcement. Typically, law enforcement is a national park ranger, although there are also special agents who handle serious felony investigations.

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