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Where can you get DUI Evaluation in Wyoming?

If you’re arrested for DUI in Wyoming, the Court will likely require you to get a substance abuse evaluation and follow any recommended treatment plan.

The Court can require the evaluation either as a condition of release, or as part of your judgment and sentence.

If evaluation and treatment is a condition of your release, it will be on your release order, which you receive if you were arrested, booked into jail, and then were released. This means you need to get an evaluation done before your case is over. Even if you’re never convicted, you still need to get the evaluation done because it’s required by a Court order.

If the evaluation and treatment is part of your sentence, you typically need to get it done within a certain number of days following the sentencing hearing. Read the judgment and sentence carefully.

Either way, you need to find a place to complete the DUI evaluation (also called a substance abuse evaluation). You must use a Wyoming certified provider. If you live out of State, it’s best to get the evaluation done in Wyoming and then do any follow up treatment in your home state.

When you choose a provider, it’s a good idea to get a recommendation from someone knowledgeable about the treatment provider and your Judge. Ideally, you’ll want a provider that the Court is familiar with and who works well with the Court. If there is any miscommunication or misunderstanding between the provider and the Court, it can negatively affect your case. Ultimately, it’s your job to prove to the Court that you are complying with its orders.

The treatment provider can recommend a program as short as an 8-hour class or as long as a multi-month program, requiring you to attend classes several nights a week. Once you complete the treatment, you or your attorney will need to file proof with the Court.


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