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A felony charge is something to take seriously. Even being charged with a felony can have enormous consequences, even if you’re acquitted of the charge, the charge is dismissed or reduced to a misdemeanor. A felony is any crime punished by more than one-year incarceration. In Wyoming, if you’re sentenced to more than one-year, you’ll do time at one of the State prisons. If it’s less than one-year, you’ll do time in the County jail.

Here are some common felonies in Wyoming.

Highly recommended. I was stressed thinking about my situation and Alex was great with reassuring me he had things under control. He was able to resolve my case in minimal time and I was happy with the outcome. I highly recommend Alex to anyone that gets in a sticky situation and needs quality representation.


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Typically, I do these cases on a fixed fee. You pay one flat fee up front. If we don’t go to trial (and these cases rarely go to trial), then that is the only fee you pay. Sometimes I break the litigation into stages and you pay a fee for each stage. If you call me on the phone, we can talk about your case and I will give you a quote. My office is (307) 200-9720. If it’s the weekend, you can call or text my cell, and I’ll answer if I am around: (307) 203-6979. If I am in the back country or unavailable, I’ll get back to you. It’s 2019. I take credit cards. You can sign most things electronically, unless a notarized signature is legally required. You will get copies of all your documents electronically.