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Driving is a necessity in Casper, but it always comes with the risk of an accident. Each year, Casper sees hundreds of car wrecks, which badly injure drivers and passengers. These victims face weeks or even years of painful injuries and uncertainty about how they will pay their bills.

Fortunately, help is available to those who need it. Freeburg Law, LLC has represented many accident victims in Casper, Wyoming after injury in a car crash. Our skilled attorneys can analyze fault, negotiate a settlement, or even file a lawsuit in court—all to protect your rights to compensation.

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Proving Fault for an Accident

The key to receiving compensation is showing that another driver was at fault for your accident. Motorists are usually at fault when they failed to use reasonable care while driving. Some examples include:
If you can prove a driver was negligent, you can file a claim with their insurance provider. Wyoming requires that all drivers carry insurance precisely for moments like these.


Some accidents aren’t caused by a negligent motorist but instead by some other person or entity. For example, some crashes are due to a road defect, like debris in the road or missing stop signs. In other cases, a defect with the car might lead to a crash, as when brakes fail or a tire explodes and the driver loses control of the car.

At Freeburg Law, we carefully review everything you know about your case. We then use our knowledge to identify all possible parties at fault so that we can hold them legally accountable. If a non-driver is to blame, we can usually sue them for negligence and/or negotiate a settlement with them.

Possible Compensation for a Casper Car Accident

You can usually make a claim for compensation to cover all out-of-pocket expenses, as well as other losses caused by the crash. Many people request money to cover:
The amount of compensation our clients receive will depend on the seriousness of their injuries and other factors. Although someone with major injuries might request a six- or seven-figure settlement, others will receive less. An attorney can review how much you might be eligible to receive in a consultation.


If your accident only involved damage to your vehicle, then you might negotiate a fair settlement without any outside help. However, anyone with bodily injuries would benefit from at least meeting with a lawyer to find out what services they provide.

In our experience, few accident victims fully appreciate the full value of a bodily injury claim. They usually think their claim is worth less than what we end up getting them.

If you hire us, our legal team can quickly begin building a case for compensation. We might interview witnesses or review the police report. If you contact us soon enough, we can even visit the accident scene and search for helpful information.

Our lawyers can handle all communications and settlement negotiations. This frees you to focus on rehabbing your injuries and readjusting to life again. With this heavy weight lifted from your shoulder, you might recover even faster and return to work so you can keep your job.

Mistakes to Avoid Following a Casper Car Accident

Over the past decade, we have met with many men and women who made critical errors in the weeks following a car accident. These errors didn’t prevent them from receiving compensation. But these mistakes did make negotiating a favorable claim that much harder:
If you follow these steps, you strengthen your car accident claim considerably. Freeburg Law has other advice we can share with anyone who reaches out to us to discuss their car accident.

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