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Most personal injury cases are the result of another person’s negligence. For example, in a motor vehicle accident case, the other driver isn’t paying attention and causes the wreck. It’s this type of negligence that causes auto accidents. What’s important to understand is that personal injury encompasses physical, emotional, and mental harm done to the injured party. An individual can suffer one or multiple types of personal injuries including wrongful death, any of which may be grounds for personal injury claims and compensation.

This is the job of personal injury lawyers to help injured clients with compassionate legal representation. It’s important to talk to a law firm that has the experience to help you with your personal injury claim. An experienced personal injury attorney will examine the circumstances, damages, and all aspects of your personal injury lawsuit case.

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There are Different Types of Personal Injury Cases

Each injury is different. The strength of each case is dependent on the incident itself, its circumstances, and how well liability can be established. Personal injury cases include injuries sustained from car and truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, assault, and wrongful death claims, as well as other types.

The best way to secure justice is by hiring a personal injury lawyer that will provide legal representation for your unique situation. If after an incident you are experiencing any kind of injury or trauma, you should be aware of your rights and how to effectively pursue compensation. As early as possible, you’ll want to connect with a personal injury lawyer to assess your options. This is especially true for cases involving catastrophic injuries such as spinal cord damage, wrongful death, and expensive medical bills.

Personal Injury Case Process

Over the years, the personal injury lawyers at our law office have developed a system for addressing these cases and guiding claimants through the entire process. Your personal injury lawyer will help you through each phase of your personal injury case. Each case typically follows this sequence:

Of course, cases can and do settle at any point in this sequence. Some cases will settle after a demand letter. Some cases will settle after the discovery process. And some cases never settle.

Cases may even be in two stages simultaneously. Case timelines can also vary depending on such factors as investigation and settlements. At Freeburg Law, our personal injury lawyers always begin service with a complimentary consultation in order to understand the client’s case and provide initial advice on whether or not to pursue a legal claim.

Don’t worry – our team never takes a case unless we believe the other side is responsible and at fault. If they are responsible for your injury, then they should pay for it. We will work with you to secure what’s rightfully owed to you for your well-being and recovery.

We Help You Navigate Your Personal Injury Claim

Personal injury cases may be brought in State or Federal Court. The court you file in depends on the facts and legal issues of the case, whether the claims are under State or Federal law, and where the parties are from.

Wyoming has nine judicial districts. Generally, if you file a case in a county, the judge for that county will hear the case. However, there are exceptions to that rule, especially when the judge knows a party or there is a logistical reason for another judge to hear the case.

Once a judge makes a ruling in your case, usually, that’s the judge who will see the case through. However, this judge may be absent due to some extraordinary circumstance; if this happens, another judge will oversee your case. Rest assured that we will represent your interests and advise you throughout the entire ordeal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Jackson personal injury clients seek compensation to cover their medical bills and replace lost wages. They can also obtain compensation to pay for property damage. In a car wreck, for example, you can receive money to have your car fixed if the accident was not your fault. We also seek money to try and “make up” for the pain and suffering our clients endure due to their injuries. The total amount of compensation our clients receive depends on several factors, including the severity of their injuries and their pain or emotional distress.
Negligence is a legal term which refers to a person’s failure to use reasonable care which ultimately ends up injuring someone. A negligent defendant usually must pay compensation to anyone injured. We see negligence arise in a variety of cases, such as car accidents, slip and falls, and premises liability claims. With negligence, we always ask, “How would a reasonably careful person have acted in this situation?” and then we compare the defendant’s actions to this hypothetical person. If the defendant’s actions fell below the standard of care we would expect, then you can sue.
The settlement process differs for everybody. We have had some clients obtain a fair settlement in a few months. Most of our clients, though, end up waiting longer. Sad to say, but some insurers believe it is to their advantage to drag out settlement discussions in insurance claims. The goal of your personal injury lawyer is always to maximize the amount of compensation you receive to help with medical bills.
Most personal injury cases never go to trial. In fact, they settle well before a trial but there are exceptions. For example, both sides might disagree about who is responsible for the accident. This happens often in car crashes where either driver could have been negligent. When liability is in dispute, the only way to resolve it is sometimes to go to trial.
If your case goes to trial, then you probably will need to testify. Your testimony serves several purposes. You establish what happened in the seconds before the accident. This helps the jury determine liability. You also will testify as to how your injuries have impacted your life, which helps them calculate your damages. We work closely with our clients before trial to ensure they feel comfortable with the process.
This is like testifying in court—except it happens before trial and outside a courtroom. Essentially, you answer questions from Jackson personal injury attorneys while under oath in a conference room. The deposition is either videotaped or a court reporter creates a transcript. The primary purpose of a deposition is to uncover evidence. So the other side’s lawyer will probably ask how you are feeling and what you remember about the accident. In some situations, a person’s deposition testimony can be admitted at trial.

The first step should always be to ensure everyone’s safety. Some accidents are so dangerous that you will need an ambulance to come out to the scene to whisk badly injured victims to the emergency room. Use your cell phone to call, if necessary, or ask a bystander to call for you.

After that step, you should begin building an evidentiary case for yourself, provided you can move around. Identify any witnesses and request their contact information. You should also take a picture of anything relevant to your claim. In a Wyoming car accident case, this would be any obstruction that contributed to the wreck, as well as the vehicles. If you tripped at a store and fell, you should get a picture of the hazard you tripped on.

It depends. Wyoming law allows our clients to receive compensation if they were not more at fault for the accident than all other parties. Put differently, they can be up to 50% at fault—but not a bit over. Additionally, if you were up to 50% at fault, your compensation will be reduced by your degree of fault. So someone who has $200,000 in losses but was 40% at fault will receive only 60% of that amount, or $120,000.
We recommend holding off on that until you have a Wyoming personal injury attorney representing you. As mentioned above, Wyoming recognizes comparative fault. Some insurers attempt to find evidence to reduce their liability in personal injury lawsuits. For example, they might try to get you to say you are feeling “fine,” which they then use to argue you aren’t seriously hurt in their insurance defense. Ideally, you should have hired an attorney before giving a statement. This will help you recover compensation for medical expenses, property damage, and punitive damages.
This unfortunately happens a lot in Wyoming. Some drivers let their coverage lapse or just drive without any insurance. If you were hurt, there are options, however. For example, you might make a claim on your uninsured motorist policy, which you should have as part of your policy unless you rejected it in writing. Your personal injury attorney will help you navigate this challenge if it’s part of your insurance claims.
Yes! Too many accident victims believe personal injury attorneys are out of reach, but the opposite is true. At Freeburg Law, LLC, we represent most of our personal injury clients on a contingency fee agreement. The great thing about this agreement is that you don’t have to pay any lawyer’s fees upfront. Instead, you only pay if we end up winning your case. Your personal injury lawyer will quickly take over your case and handle all the paperwork, while pushing for a fair settlement or trial. And unless we win, you won’t owe us anything.
As Wyoming personal injury lawyers our law firm offers a free consultation to anyone who was injured in an accident. At the meeting, your personal injury attorney will review what happened and how you are feeling. You may also ask any question that you want to understand better how personal injury lawyers represent clients and your odds of a favorable outcome for your personal injury claim. We are also a member of the Wyoming Trial Lawyers Association.

Your Life, Time, And Well-Being Matter

Some clients might feel uncomfortable about “profiting from an accident,” but this isn’t the case. When you suffer any kind of injury, you didn’t ask for it to happen to you. You are not to blame. Personal injury is not about making a profit, it’s about making the responsible party be accountable for what happened to you and pay for damages done to your person. It’s only fair if someone hurts you that they help cover your medical expenses. You do not have to pursue your due rights alone, nor should you. Your physical and emotional recovery is just as important to us as it is to you.

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