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Rachel Berkness


Any courtroom, any opponent, any legal battle, Rachel Berkness is ready.

Rachel handles some of the firm’s toughest, most challenging cases. When the stakes are high, she takes point.

She is responsible for serious personal injury cases, including trucking, motor vehicle, premises liability and civil sexual assault claims. She fights for people who have been injured.

Rachel started out her career at a leading California law firm. She worked on complex personal injury litigation prosecuting the most serious corporate criminals. The kind where corporate America tries to bury the little guy in paperwork, hoping they can grind down the underdog in overtime. It didn’t work.

Rachel then took her sharp litigation skills from the big city to the wild west. She worked as a trial lawyer for the Attorney General’s office, where the State of Wyoming trusted her with representing any State employee who found themselves facing a lawsuit. She even spearheaded the defense of a class action that garnered nationwide media attention and was brought by a famous impact litigation group. Even though a seasoned litigator and law professor represented the other side, Rachel won the case in the trial court and then won again on appeal before the Tenth Circuit.

After several years with the State, she wanted to explore the fast-paced life of a felony prosecutor. She has handled thousands of cases, including those involving victims of violent crimes like child sex assault and attempted murder. As a prosecutor, Rachel was in court every day and has tried nine cases before a jury.

She graduated from the University of California Berkeley Law School. She is the front woman for a rock band. (Editor’s note: it makes complete sense to Alex Freeburg that she is center stage.)

media inquiries: rachel [at] tetonattorney [dot] com

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