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Too often, a person’s only exposure to personal injury law is by watching commercials made by local attorneys, soliciting business on daytime television and making promises that one senses they may not be able to keep. In reality, personal injury law is a highly complex field, and its practitioners have to be able to navigate a sea of legal knowledge in order to advocate for each client as fully as possible. If you have been injured due to another person’s negligence or reckless behavior in or around Jackson, Wyoming, you need the services of an experienced Jackson Hole personal injury lawyer who can help you try and obtain the monetary compensation to which you may be entitled. 

Attorney Alex Freeburg and Freeburg Law, LLC have been handling personal injury cases and criminal defense matters for years now, and above all, the most important lesson from our time so far is that clients all have their own individual stories. Everyone’s experiences are different, and all of them require individualized attention in order to develop the best possible strategy to get their case through the legal process. We see our clients as people in need of help and understanding – not as numbers or dollar signs. 

Choosing to bring a personal injury lawsuit is often a difficult decision, particularly for a person who may still be recovering from a serious vehicle crash, slip-and-fall accident, or any other incident that left them injured through no fault of their own. However, you only get one chance to achieve any kind of closure or monetary compensation. Wyoming law establishes a 4-year statute of limitations on personal injury cases (and in some situations, it may only be 2 years, depending on the specific type of case!), and too often, injured people are not even aware of this time limit until it is too late. Let an experienced attorney do the work for you. 

Personal injury lawsuits are defined as legal ‘disputes’ in which one person experiences harm due to the negligence or recklessness of another. The injured plaintiff can file a lawsuit against the person who allegedly caused their accident, and recover damages if they are successful – not only for medical bills, but also potentially for other harm such as mental anguish, lost wages, and loss of quality of life. However, in some cases, particularly in potentially complex matters such as vehicle accidents, it can be difficult to know just who is responsible, or for what specifically. These matters are where a knowledgeable Jackson Hole personal injury attorney can be of great help. 

Our office handles many different types of personal injury cases. In addition to car accident cases, other common types include:

Motorcycle Accidents: There are over 30,000 motorcycles registered in Wyoming, and the state’s roads are popular with those looking for scenic mountain views. Unfortunately, motorcyclists are approximately 28 times more likely to die in accidents than vehicle drivers or passengers, and it can be hard to obtain compensation for your injuries due to a bias against riders. We are here to help.

Slip-and-fall accidents: Coming under an area of law referred to as premises liability, these accidents happen when a home or business owner fails to fix or warn about a potential danger. These cases can be complex, and the law is vague;

Assaults: In most cases, assault is a crime, but what many are unaware of is that someone can also be civilly tried for assault and have to pay money damages if they are found liable. If you have been assaulted, you may be able to recover your medical bills with a civil suit, even if your alleged assailant is already facing criminal charges.

No matter which type of personal injury you have been unfortunate enough to sustain, a consultation with Freeburg Law, LLC will give you a clear picture of your potential case, or if one does not exist, a frank and honest assessment of why the law may not be in your favor. While it can be hard to hear that your case may likely not stand up in court, it is always better to have the right information than to waste time that should be focused on healing from your injuries and getting your life back on track. 

If you do have a case, it is better to have a personal injury in Jackson Hole to handle the difficult details of the legal process than to try and go it alone. In addition, while most personal injury cases do settle out of court, it is always a good idea to enlist an attorney who has been through both sets of proceedings. Settlement negotiations are just as fragile and difficult as trial practice can be, depending on the situation, and an inexperienced attorney can potentially torpedo the whole process. 

Some people still decline to file suit against the person or entity that allegedly caused their injuries, either because they do not want to ‘profit’ from an accident, or in some cases, they may believe that their own actions played too big of a role to allow them to recover from the defendant. What many do not know is that Wyoming law does not bar recovery unless you are held to be more than 50 percent of the fault of all actors; in other words, even if you are held to be partially responsible, you have a good chance to still recover at least a part of your damages under state law. If you worry about “profiting off an accident,” you are simply not – any recovery is paying you back for the medical bills, lost wages, and other damages that you have incurred during your entire process of healing. Seeking compensation is no more than your due. 

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If you have been injured in an accident that happened because of another person’s negligence or lack of care, you have the right to seek monetary compensation from them. A Jackson personal injury lawyer from Freeburg Law, LLC can sit down with you and try to answer your questions about the legal process, and about your options going forward. We are ready and willing to try and assist you. Contact our offices today either via the form on our website or by phone at (307) 200-9720