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Personal Injury


You didn’t ask to be in this situation. Now is the time to be tough but fair. Some of my clients are deeply uncomfortable about “profiting from an accident.” I hear that concern. But I will never take a case, unless I think the other side was responsible. And if they’re responsible for your injury, then they should pay for it. That’s tough, but it’s fair. Get the full measure of what you’re owed.

After all, each injury is different. For a car accident, the person behind fails to brake their vehicle. For an assault, an employer or supervisor takes advantage of the situation. For a wrongful death, a workplace safety system fails. It’s always unexpected. Yet our job remains the same: to get you the full measure of justice available under the Court system.


Over the years we have developed a system for bringing these claims. Each case goes through the following stages (and may be in 2 or more stages at once).

Local Court System

Personal injury cases may be brought in State or Federal Court. The court you file in depends on the facts and legal issues in the case, whether the claims are under State or Federal law, and where the parties are from.

Wyoming has one Federal Judicial District, with three sitting judges.  

There are two kinds of State courts. There is the District Court and the Circuit Court. For personal injury cases, the Circuit Court only has jurisdiction up to $50,000 in controversy. For that reason, many claims are filed in the District Court.

Wyoming has nine judicial districts. Generally, if you file a case in a County, the Judge for that County will hear the case. However, there are exceptions to that rule, especially where the Judge knows a party, or there is a logistical reason for another judge to hear the case. Once a judge makes a ruling in your case, generally that’s the judge who will see the case through, absent some extraordinary circumstance.


Case Types

“Alex really followed through on our case, and he was incredibly mindful of the situation we were facing. He was both understanding and reassuring, and at the end of the day, we are much better off because of him.”